Vegan Unscented Lip Balm Large stick – 0.33 oz


WHY: Don’t glide over this – everyday cosmetic packaging accounts for about one-third of all landfill waste. This handmade petroleum-free lip balm is made from compostable cardboard.

The greenest way to purchase lip balm! This delicious natural lip balm is made without petroleum products or other harmful chemicals. It is is made without beeswax therefore making it vegan friendly. The packaging is 100% plastic free allowing you to recycle or compost after use. It has many uses and is a great product to keep on you at all times.

    Unscented, unsweeted – completely natural and perfect for anyone with scent sensitivities. Great for babies – try it on lips, cheeks, chins! Nursing mamas will love it too – soothes sore nipples better than any commercial product out there, and no need to wash before nursing.


    • organic coconut oil,
    • hemp seed oil,
    • organic avocado oil,
    • organic cocoa butter,
    • vitamin e,
    • candelila wax

    1 x (0.33 ounce) tube of lip balm. Twice the size of regular lip balm tubes.