Huracan Recycled Aluminum Can Polarized Sunglasses



WHY: Both recycled and reused materials decrease landfill waste, reduce the need for raw material production and therefore wasted energy use, and reduce air and water pollution.

The Parafina See Beyond Trash collection was the first one of its kind. Using the recycled aluminum from two soda cans these quirky lightweight frames are very popular. Huracan is the perfect round shape, you can choose between 2 color lenses.

(Sorry, gold frame no longer available in this style – see similar Tifon frames.)

  • Top Gun Black Pepper Green
  • Top Gun Black Parafina Blue

Lense 49mm  –  Bridge 20mm  –  Sides 135mm


  • Polarized Lenses which eases reflective glare & optimize visual clarity.
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • German Made
  • International Certified.


  • Recycled PVC Packaging Case for optimal storage.
  • Recycled Nylon Pouch for optimal lense care.
  • Recycled Pencil which reinforces the Parafina Eco & Social essence.

Along with their recycled packaging, they also include an eco-pencil made with recycled compressed paper; this pencil reinforces their message in support of education and sustainability. When you finish using the pencil you can plant it and grow different types of plant which provide you with the possibility of growing your own garden.