Hand-Loomed Merino Wool Coco Scarf – Grey


WHY: Choose to purchase from thoughtful businesses that partner with small co-op suppliers and are creating jobs for impoverished communities.

Made of incredibly light hand-loomed merino wool, blended with a touch of natural silk to improve durability and resist pilling. Dip-dyed by hand. If you’re looking for that low-maintenance high-fidelity scarf “relationship”, this one’s for you. It will stand by you – through thick and thin – and at a whopping 4 oz.,it will easily fit into a purse or a pocket and springs into shape when you need it. Lightweight enough for spring and summer, but with enough heft to keep you warm in the cooler months.

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    85% Merino | 15% Silk
    74 x 28 in.

    Textiles have been handmade in India for thousands of years. Artists here have been transforming natural cotton, silk and wool into things of beauty using highly intricate techniques of dyeing, weaving & embroidery.

    The creative inspiration at Bloom  & Give comes from discovering these heirloom traditions and carefully reinterpreting them to make contemporary products for everyday life.

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