Cucumber & Aloe Sunburn Cooler Soothing Mist 


WHY:  Because taking care of ourselves should be gentle on us and the earth! Every product from Juniperseed is made here in the USA by hand in their open workshop and uses zero plastics in all their packaging.

An all natural spray-on remedy for sunburnt skin, made with aloe juice, cucumber extract, rosewater, spearmint, and other skin-cooling ingredients. Keep in the refrigerator for extra chilling zing when you spray! Note – the photo shows a plastic bottle but ALL Juniperseed Mercantile products are now completely plastic free. This item will be sent in an aluminum bottle with spray.

    Unlike lotions, creams and salves (which you should never use on a hot sunburn), this cooling mist will draw the heat away from your skin. The aloe vera, cucumber, spearmint and vinegar are time-honored remedies for inflamed burning skin.

    A special blend of essential oils are included for their healing properties, and will aid the skin in repairing the damage the sunburn causes. The moisturizing quality of the Calendula Oil will help keep the skin from feeling dry and tight.