Bandicoot Silicone Rechargable Headlamp – Black



WHY: Trailblazers choose energy efficient electronics that can be recycled properly.

The Bandicoot is the perfect LED, multi-use headlamp for camping, trail running, hiking, climbing, fishing, reading and all your outdoor adventures.

    The Bandicoot uses Silicone, (not fabrics or elastics which are fiddly and unreliable) to seamlessly merge the strap, body, and LEDs. And it’s not the kind of silicone that will tangle in your hair. It’s a matte silicone that’s as kind to your hair as Pantene.

    WEIGHT: 60g

    Optics: Incorporating cleverly designed optics integrated into a single piece chassis removes the need for a hinge. The 4 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose – a high beam to see by, elliptical beams for broad ambient light, a red light for night/low light and downlights for reading.