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Action Through Adventure

Each year, 1.4 billion of us wanderlust warriors are traveling around this globe we call home. That equals great power: to leave less waste, to create and share good habits, to support the cultures and communities we’ve come to experience and, where we can, to leave each place just a little better than we found it. We’ve put together an awesome collection of gear and great info to help you do just that.

Won’t it be extraordinary when this is the ordinary? Welcome aboard!

Sustainable Travel Is Not as Foreign as It Sounds

One dump truck of plastic goes into our oceans every single minute.

Pack Reusables

Bring gear that makes you good to-go and skip single-use plastics.

We've wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970.

Protect Our Wildlife

Don't buy items made of animal parts or engage in close-contact activities.

Tourism creates 8% of all carbon emissions. The U.S. has the biggest footprint.

Reduce Your Footprint

Travel slower on trains and buses. Book direct flights when you can.

Often, only 5% of tourism spending stays in the local economy that counts on it.

Shop & Eat Local

Support the culture and heritage you have come to experience.

How We Pick Our Products

Every dollar you spend casts a vote for the world you want to live in. And while there are lots of ways to travel, there's only one Earth. So leave the legwork to us and be confident you're making one or more of these better choices:

Made in the USA

Shopping sustainable is shopping local. Boost our economy and reduce carbon footprint.

Responsible Brands

Run with the brands going the extra mile, from sustainable "B Corp" status to other major efforts.

Social Impact

Get the warm-and-fuzzies with a give-back element or support of the makers and artisans.

Natural Ingredients

Without a warning label. Avoid the extra chemicals for your body and for Mother Earth.


Save it from getting trashed and help us build consumer demand for recycling.

Circular Design

No landfill gravestones here. Biodegradable or largely recyclable in perpetuity.


For materials and packaging. When recycled, plastic loses quality—not so for glass and metals.


Cheap isn’t cheerful. Long-lasting reusables help avoid single-use items and other waste.

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